Best of Neighbors – A Whyislam campaign

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WhyIslam Launches
“Best of Neighbors” Outreach Campaign

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Insha Allah, WhyIslam Dallas, Outreach Department of ICNA Dallas, launches a campaign during the Holidays, “Best of Neighbors,” to show our neighbors the beauty of Islam. Research shows that people who have Muslim friends have a higher favorable opinion towards Islam and Muslims and this campaign is intended to do exactly that – let’s get to know our non-Muslim neighbors.

As part of this campaign, Insha Allah. WhyIslam Dallas is creating a “small gift”pack that we can give to our neighbors. The gift includes a nice steel coffee mug with goodies in them (hot cocoa, etc.) and with it we have a greeting card wishing our neighbors “Happy Holidays” along with the hadith of Prophet (saw),

“He will not enter Paradise whose neighbor is not secure from his wrongful conduct.” {Sahih Muslim 46).

How can you help?  Please buy this mug for subsidized cost $5 and give it to your neighbors. This is a good opportunity for you to make connection with a smile and a nice gift that could go long way in building the bridge and open the communication channel with your neighbor and Allah knows change the minds and hearts.

Where to get the Gift Pack:

  1. AfterJumma at EPIC, IACC, IANT or ICI Masjid.
  2. Contact EPIC, IANT , IACC and ICI Management when they will be available.
  3.  Islamic Books and Gifts Open Tuesday to Sunday 11am to 7 pm
    Call for availability at (972) 669-9625
    220 E Spring Valley Road, Richardson, TX 750801

An ICNA Project
We are all very much aware of the anti-Muslim activities and hate that are going around the country and even some of our brothers and sisters had to taste the vile remarks made about Allah (swt) and the Prophet (saw). In these times, we have to rely much on Allah (swt) and be patient; patience does not mean inaction either.

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