Eligibility (Boys Grades 5 and Above)

  1. Student must take part in the Written quiz competition or Presentation contest to be eligible.
  2. The Azan contest will take place the first weekend, the results will be announced on second weekend of prize distribution.
  3. If you don’t take part in the Written test or Presentation contest, even if you win in the Azan contest, you will not qualify to win the contest, and next student will be awarded the prize who appears in the Written test or Presentation contest.
  4. Only Boys Grades 5 to 12 can participate in this contest.
  5. Students can only participate in one of the three contests – Hifz, Qiraa’, or Azan.


  1. 40% marks for Makharij-ul-Huruf & Clarity.
  2. 60% marks for Melody.