1. This contest is open to all students in Grades 3 & UP.
  2. Student must take part in the Written or Presentation contest to be eligible


  1. The Calligraphy contest will take place the first weekend, the results will be announced on second weekend of prize distribution.
  2. All contestants are required to draw the following ayah
  3. 07 (1)

  4. Contestants will be given 25 minutes to complete their Art work
  5. Calligraphy must be done freehand
  6. High quality paper will be provided for the Art work. Paper size will be 14″ X 22″ (36cm X 56cm)
  7. Contestants are REQUIRED to bring their own drawing instruments
  8. Markers, pencils (colored or black), Crayons, Water colors and oil colors can be used
  9. Stencils, carbon-papers and other copying material will not be allowed
  10. During the competition, copying the art work from any reference will not be allowed
  11. Contestants can use any style of calligraphy available and can also use their own style
  12. The calligraphy will be JUDGED based on its beauty, originality and for its legibility