Pioneering the relief work for more than 7 years in DFW metroplex, ICNA Relief Dallas chapter started  facilitating CAR donation program 2 years back. There are lots of needy families who are in severe need for mobility. And we all know without a car, life becomes tough when it comes to mobility.

Identifying real need among the needy families registered in our database for a car, ICNA Relief Dallas facilitates the car donation to the respective family. Once the paper work is completed successfully, the certificate of title is registered from the donor to the recipient, the new owner of the car. Past 2 years, ICNA Relief Dallas has facilitated the car donations to many needy & refugee  families.

Questions & their Answers

Needy family receiving your donated CAR

What kind of car I can donate?

You can donate any kind of  a car /truck /SUV /Cargo Van which is in a running condition.

What paperwork is needed to do my car donation?

You will need to provide the following documents to initiate the car donation process.

Certificate of Title;    Vehicle Identification Number (VIN #)

Apart from the above documents, the following documents needs to be downloaded, filled in, notarized and signed.

Gift Affidavit:

The “Donor Certification” section needs to be notarized. ICNA Relief Dallas can help in getting this document notarized.

Also fill out the “Previous Owner” and sign under the “Seller” section.

I am ready to donate, Where can I start?

To initiate the process of donating your car, please email Br. Zahid Hussain ( with the name, model, year along with the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) #. Soon he will contact you to get the process started.