This year, as part of the Young Muslims’ Quiz Competition, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) Dallas Chapter, in collaboration with American Airlines is launching “ Teacher’s Leadership Award for Diversity & Inclusion ” as a new initiative to honor and recognize public-school teachers for their contribution in promoting Diversity & Inclusion in their classrooms.

As part of the DFW Muslim community anyone (student/parent) can nominate a public school teacher who demonstrated exceptional examples of leadership within the realms of Diversity & Inclusion by filling out the form. The Review Board will consider all submitted nominations and select the winners, who will be invited to the award ceremony on Feb 16th, 2019 to collect them.

What is leadership in diversity and inclusion and how do I know if the teacher I want to nominate for this award is a good candidate? Take a moment and consider the definitions listed below to determine if your nominee fits the award criteria.

Leadership in Diversity:

A leader in diversity sees the differences in others, and publicly acknowledges the value in those differences and is able to find opportunities to utilize those differences to strengthen the students and the school.

Leadership in Inclusion:

A leader in inclusion engages others with deliberate involvement and inclusion to bring new and different perspectives to whatever it is that they do. In turn, those around them feel comfortable to fully share their thoughts, ideas and innovations in support of their students and school.

Award Criteria Categories:

· Commitment to Leadership in Inclusion and Diversity
· Advancing Inclusion and Diversity
· Creating a legacy of leadership in Inclusion and Diversity

Please answer the questions using the link below about your nominee using specific examples. Your answers can be up to 300 words in length.

Nomination Form

Your nominee’s consideration is dependent on the detailed examples you provide for each question.


Q. Nobody from my family is registered in the YM Quiz Competition; can I still nominate my public school teacher?

A. Yes, anyone from the Muslim community can nominate their public school teacher.

Q.  Can students/parents  nominate substitute or part time public school teacher ?

A.  Students/parents can nominate any public teacher (substitute or part time) who have contributed in promoting Diversity & Inclusion in their classrooms.