Young Visitors – High Energy in the food pantry


Testimonial of a little sister Rida Jailani & painting by her 1st grader sister Wafa Jailani who visited ICNA Relief Food Pantry on their field trip.

Assalamu Alaikum.
My name is Rida Jailani, student in Masjid – Ar – Rahman, Sunday school, Carrollton, Texas. Our school planned a lovely field trip to ICNA RELIEF DALLAS Food Pantry on April 16, 2016.

I thought this field trip was going to be a lot of fun… and it was , just in a different way.

Brother Zahid from ICNA RELIEF DALLAS explained to us how the food pantry works. He also told us that most of the people who received the collected food are refugees who came from other parts of the world. Did you know that they distribute hundreds of dozens of eggs every week?

! Amazing! They also distribute chicken, meat, milk, rice, cooking oil, sugar, diapers, pasta, cereal, flour, canned food etc. He told me they treat everyone alike.

He mentioned that people also donate furniture and cars for refugees. ICNA RELIEF DALLAS repairs the cars, do title transfer, inspection, and purchases 3 months liability insurance before handing over the car to the needy family.  He told that two volunteers come and give English classes to the refugees every sunday.

Then he brought in seven little Rohingya Burmese refugee children. We greeted them and gave those hugs and high fives. I felt so good when I hugged a 3 years old Rohingya Burmese girl.

He showed us a map of all the places the refugees came from. It turns out that some refugees came from Syria, Burma, Afghanistan, Togo, Iran, and Iraq. He escorted us to the door, and handed out booklet about ICNA RELIEF DALLAS.

We also got to meet the children refugees’ mothers who were sitting in chairs outside. We welcomed them to the U.S.A and talked to them a little. We got into the car, and I waved at a refugee lady on a terrace. She smiled and waved back.

Overall, I think that our field trip experience to ICNA RELIEF DALLAS was very fun. I got to learn things that I had never done in my life before.

And when we were meeting the refugees, I thought about all the hardships they had to face, and how the visit to ICNA RELIEF DALLAS might have changed my life.

Thank you ICNA Relief Dallas to letting us visit the food pantry and meet the refugee children.

Jazakullahu Khairan for reading.

Rida Jailani