ICNA Dallas needs your support to continue and expand its activities. Most of ICNA Dallas Projects and Programs are Zakat eligible. Please choose from the options below and donate generously!

ICNA Dallas General Funds – allocated based on needs (recommended)

Donate Sadaqa or Zakat for all ICNA Projects such as WhyIslam, Islamic Quiz, Muslim Family Day, Embrace – Project for Reverts and ICNA Council for Social Justice.


ICNA Outreach/Dawah Programs & Projects

  • Quran and Brochures
  • Open Houses
  • Embrace (Ansar program for Reverts)
  • Dawah Booth at Festivals
  • Billboard and other Mass Media campaign


Click here to donate to ICNA Relief Dallas Programs

  • Food Pantry
  • Refugee Services
  • Women Transitional Housing
  • Health Services
  • Feed The Hungry
  • Zakat al-Fitr