“Allah Guides to whom He wills..”
Now, more than ever, is an increasingly challenging time for Muslim Americans. We are collectively faced with issues such as refugee rights, the growing problem of homelessness, and lack of resources for the Muslim American community. ICNA-Relief strives to uplift the underserved through a nationwide network of shelters, food pantries, health clinics, skill development programs, disaster relief services, refugee services and more. We do this to build healthy communities, strengthen families and create opportunities for those in despair while maintaining their dignity and advocating for their basic human needs.

Food Pantry

In March 2012, ICNA-Dallas began what is now called the Food Pantry. This was done to primarily serve the growing need to have easy access to food, especially for Refugee families and the underserved. Every month more than 1,000 lbs of food is distributed to the local community, including more than 500 refugee families. We thank our main supporters, which include the ICNA-Dallas Sister’s Wing, our volunteers, and local islamic schools.

Feed the Hungry Program

Close to 1 billion people struggle with hunger in our world. Many of these individuals are a part of our local community in Dallas. Our Feed the Hungry program is simple, we provide food to the homeless across the DFW metroplex.

And they give (their own) food, in deep love of Allah, to the needy, the orphan and prisoner (out of sacrifice, despite their own desire and need for it.

And say: ‘We are feeding you only to please Allah. We do not seek any recompense from you nor wish for any thanks. [Surah Al- Insan Chapter 76: Verse 8-9]

Donate A Car

A few years back, we started a car donation program to aid families that have a severe need for mobility but cannot afford it. We help facilitate the paperwork, ensuring the donation is transferred properly from the donor to the recipient. We are actively seeking car donations. If you or someone you know have a vehicle that they’d like to donate, please contact us.


Foster. Advocacy. Training. Educate. FATE aims to assist Muslim children in the foster system by advocating, counseling, and educating families to help revive this beautiful Sunnah.

We provide education for Muslim families in the Foster Care System within the State of Texas. We also organize a platform where these families can connect with industry experts and spiritual leaders to get their questions answered about the technical and legal aspects of fostering a child. We also create a support system for families that wish to foster a child, primarily by promoting the option to become a licensed foster family with the Respite Care Network.

Half Way Houses

The Halfway House program facilitates reverts who were previously incarcerated, but are now released. With no place to go, the Halfway House provides shelter to these inmates. Through this program, we provide help these inmates regain their self-respect, become honorable citizens, and gain independence. We also offer continued education about Islam. The dawah conducted by ICNA volunteers while these inmates were incarcerated plays a significant role in guiding them towards the deen.

Free Health Clinics

Around 28 million Americans do not have health insurance. ICNA Relief Dallas is doing its part to combat this problem by offering free basic medical services. Our free clinics are about connecting with humanity and serving our communities to the best of our ability. We all know that healing is from God and God alone; we are merely an instrument of the Healer. Our clinics provide medical aid to the uninsured and in the future ICNA Relief envisions opening a hospital as part of its expansion efforts.

Refugee Assistance Program

Each year thousands of refugees are invited by the U.S. government to seek safety and freedom. Forced to flee conflict or persecution, many have survived for years against incredible odds. Just imagine stepping off of a plane with nothing in your hand, except your dignity, hope, and determination. How would you feel?

Dallas has now become the top destination for resettlement with affordable housing and a booming economy. For this reason, ICNA Relief Dallas has been diligently involved with refugee facilitation work for the past seven years. From furniture drives to our food pantry, we’ve been able to help refugees in many facets. We also provide assistance with their rental and utility bills when the need is present. When their federal aid becomes exhausted, it is ICNA Relief Dallas who steps in to pay rent and utility bills. Not to mention, we also assist in enrolling youth into Community Colleges upon request.The ICNA – Sisters Wing provides ESL classes. Regardless of the need, we are here to support our brothers and sisters. Your time and funding can make a big difference with refugee resettlement. We encourage you to make a donation today to help fund a family.

Women’s Traditional Housing

Our transitional housing offers an alternative for homeless women in need of temporary housing. ICNA Relief Dallas maintains the dignity of residents while affording them the opportunity to heal and develop themselves within a nurturing environment. Women are provided with one-on-one support while they transition to permanent housing. Many of the women who come to ICNA Relief Dallas for supportive housing have experienced emotional abuse, as well as neglect, and are underemployed or unable to obtain affordable housing. ICNA Relief offers them the opportunity to heal while they work towards obtaining the ultimate goal of self-sufficiency.

Disaster Relief

ICNA Relief Dallas supports all phases of disaster: Preparedness, Response, and Recovery. This includes mitigation, advocacy, and community resiliency for the entire community. We assist in training and networking, planning, deployment, long term case management, and rebuilding better and resilient communities. We also advocate for the benefit of those impacted by a disaster. Please join and support our good intentions and good efforts.

Back to School Giveaway

In 2011 we launched our first Back-to-School campaign, understanding the needs of the low-income families in Dallas. When this project initially kicked off we had an overwhelming response. We typically distribute between 350 to 500 school backpacks each year.

For information about our next back-to-school campaign, stay tuned. In the meantime, sign-up as a volunteer.