Our Mission

The mission of AMAL is to empower Muslim individuals to become leaders who embody the values of Islam and positively impact their communities.

Our Goals & Objectives

  • Guiding Islamic Activists to understand their Islamic Guardrails.

  • Inspiring Muslims to Understand Islam from a Traditional and Contemporary Perspective.

  • Fostering Constructive Dialogue for Addressing Immediate and Future Challenges in the Ummah

Our Methodology

Our Methodology is to blend Classical texts with contemporary issues. We will also go over Movement-oriented materials.

Our Dean & Lead Instructor

Dr. Asif Hirani engages thoughtfully with the dialogue between Islamic teachings and the complexities of contemporary life. His academic contributions, especially highlighted in works like “Islamic Vs Postmodern Paradigm Of Sexuality: Rethinking the Rainbow,” offer a detailed exploration of Islamic perspectives alongside modern views on sexuality. His study on gender dynamics in “Principles of Men-Women Interaction in Islam” and the profound tafseer of Surah Yusuf illustrate his commitment to bridging faith with the nuances of everyday life. Dr. Hirani’s efforts aim to present Islamic teachings in a manner that is both accessible and deeply meaningful to a wide-ranging audience, promoting a deeper understanding and respect for diverse viewpoints. His tafseer, available in Arabic and Urdu, with an English translation in progress, reflects his dedication to educational outreach. Those interested in his scholarly work can explore further through the provided links:

  • For insights into the intersection of Islamic teachings and sexuality: Islamic Vs Postmodern Paradigm Of Sexuality: Rethinking the Rainbow (
  • To understand the principles of gender interactions within Islam: Principles of Men-Women Interaction in Islam (
  • For a detailed tafseer of Surah Yusuf: Tafseer Surah Yusuf (https://30a8a5d6-8ffd-47b4-a217

Dr. Hirani’s modest, yet professional, approach is a testament to his dedication to enriching the discourse on the relevance of Islamic teachings in contemporary society.


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