Our Mission

The mission of AMAL is to empower Muslim individuals to become leaders who embody the values of Islam and positively impact their communities.

Our Vision

  • Providing educational opportunities for individuals to develop leadership skills that are grounded in Islamic principles.
  • Developing and implementing programs that promote community outreach and engagement.
  • Partnering with organizations to provide qualified individuals in order for them to tackle societal challenges and promote social justice.


Our Methodology

Our Methodology is to blend Classical texts with contemporary issues. We will also go over Movement-oriented materials

Our Dean and Lead Instructor Dr. Asif Hirani

Dr. Asif Hirani is a renowned religious scholar and author with over 12 years of experience in the field. He completed his Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Fashion Design before switching gears to pursue Islamic studies. He has completed his Master’s in Islamic Studies (Usul-ud-din) and earned his PhD from Al-Madina International University in Tafsir and Uloom-ul-Qur’an. He has published books and articles on various topics related to religion, spirituality, and faith.

Dr. Asif has authored multiple books including “Guidelines for Men-Women Interaction in Islam” & “Aspects of Tarbiyah in Surah Yousuf from psychological perspective”. He served as a Resident Scholar in NorthEast for more than a decade and currently he is serving as a Resident Scholar of ICNA Dallas.

Aside from his scholarly pursuits, Dr. Asif is also an active member of his community, frequently giving lectures and leading workshops on topics related to religion and spirituality. He is sought-after for conferences and events around the world.


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