Dallas Muslim Festival (DMF) 2022

Islamic Circle of North American (ICNA) Dallas will host a Muslim Festival on Saturday October 08, 2022 at Southfork Ranch in Parker. Dallas Muslim Festival is one of the largest outdoor gatherings of Muslims in Texas and now attracting around 10,000 + attendees every year.

Dallas Muslim Festival is the quintessential American Muslim experience and provides the community with a form of entertainment unlike any other. It features many attractions including mechanical rides for children under 10 to teenagers & adults. The event also provides other fun activities such as juggling & magic show, fireworks and much more. Bazaar at the event provides families with variety of Islamic products from many Muslim merchants as well as all types of delicious Halal food.

For Sponsor and Bazaar booth, please contact: 469-443-6789 or dmf@icnadallas.org


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