ICNA Relief Dallas started its first Back2School Give Away project in 2011, understanding the need in the financially low income neighborhood around Dallas Downtown for such a service. Most of the inhabitants of this locality belong to Afro American, Hispanic community.  When this project got kicked off, the response from the families was enormous. Last year, they ended up distributing 350 school backpacks to the school children.

Analyzing the need this year, 2012, the target increased to 500 school bags. Distributing fliers, their team  advertised this event in the downtown Dallas area. Having heard about this project, the Richardson city’s council man Mr. Amir Omar got interested and paid them  a visit at the distribution center.

Actual Event

Refugee child flashing a smile receiving the school bag

ICNA Relief Dallas team started distributing the school bags around 10 AM, and it has been noticed that the children along with their parents and family members were waiting in a queue from 8 AM onwards.  Having waited patiently for 2 hours, there was a sense of glee and satisfaction when they received their much awaited gift, their school bag loaded with supplies like books, pencils, crayons, pens, and erasers.

Impressed with the kind of the charitable work, the Richardson council man Mr. Amir Omar appreciated and lauded their work. Parents too thanked ICNA for they return back to their homes with peace of mind, not to worry about the school supplies for their siblings. Children grew excited and liked the contribution which they will remember throughout their academic year, ICNA’s gift.

ICNA Relief Dallas team distributed all the 500 school bags, thus achieving their target.

Giving Back To The Community

Children excited receiving their school bags


The goal of this project is simple – to help the neighbors in need, regardless of race or religion, as they struggled to conquer the never ending list of school supplies for the new school year. This project is all about giving back to the local community, empowering children from financially low income families across DFW metroplex, thus promoting the importance of education.

Also, this project provides tools for education, promotes a better future for our children, encourages activism and builds bridges between communities.