Story Telling

Introduction for ICNA Storytelling Competition in Digital Media


“Whoever controls the narrative, controls the world”

The main objective behind this initiative is to encourage and promote the Storytelling skills in our community.

By creating a competitive environment, we can draw the attention of our youth to learn the skill of developing and share their narrative at a larger stage and may also encourage our youth to strive a career path towards Media/Communication & Journalism.

We opted for Digital Storytelling competition to maintain the privacy of all our participants and have the collection of Digital assets which can be circulated on multiple digital platforms like whatsApp, twitter , Instagram, tik tok to raise awareness in our communities.
Participating students can chose any digital tool ( / Adobe editor etc) to create, compose, edit and submit his/her story and each submission must be with in 3 minutes to qualify for this competition. Every Child Has A Story To Tell!
This year we are proposing below topic for this Storytelling competition.

My Freedom of Speech in America

 Categories of Submission: * Open to all students (Middle School and up)
 Duration of Video: 3 minutes
Submission Deadline: Feb 1 2024
  • Story concept must be related to the above approved topic and presented in a digital medium.
  • Videos submitted for this competition must be original production of the participant and should not be taken from someone/ somewhere else.
  • The video work could have humor / satire / critique but can not use racial slurs and foul language.
  • Every video is required to be in English and can use any secondary language in caption of the video (Spanish is encouraged).
  • Windows Movie Maker, MS Power point, Adobe editor, or any software can be used to produce the digital story.
  • Multimedia such as texts, still images, recorded audio narrations, video clips and music can be mixed to produce digital stories.
Criteria of evaluation:
**Relevance to the topic/ theme, creativity, factual accuracy and presentation.
**All submissions should be certified as own creations of the student and parent / guardian.
** Your Digital Story should be uploaded on or before Feb1st 2024.
** Creations received by ICNA will be evaluated by a panel of Judges and the decision of the judges will be final. No grievances or appeal will be entertained once the winners are announced.
** The winners will be awarded prizes at ICNA Quiz Award Ceremony at IANT on Feb 17th, 2024.
** Winning stories and all submitted stories will be uploaded on ICNA Storytelling competition page and other ICNA materials and could be shared with other ICNA partner organizations.